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Taste of Italy Cooking Series

Vieni e mangia!

Come and eat Italian! The cuisine we all love. Heartland Farm will be hosting a series of three cooking classes with Italian food enthusiast, Natalie Fullerton, who recently returned from Sicily were she cooked with the Italians and studied the cuisine.

From basic pasta making in class one, to ravioli and stuffed ravioli in class two, we will finish with a celebratory Italian potluck meal and also harvest herbs and produce from the gardens to make hor d’oeuvres.

Come and join us for the full series or sign up for just one of the offered classes. We look forward to expanding our cooking expertise, making new friends, and celebrating joys of life with home-cooked Italian food! Go home with recipes, dough, and pasta made in each class.

Single Class: $35

Cooking Italian Class Series Flyer

Classe Uno – Pasta Making Basics

Date: Saturday, May 18, 2019,  6pm-8pm 

In this class, learn how to make two different types of pasta dough and four pasta shapes, that are common in different regions of Italy.  A basic flour and water pasta dough will transform into Cavatelli and Busiate, a dough and shapes common across Sicily.  Garganelli and Farfalle shapes will be made with an egg pasta dough common in southern Italy. 

Class is sold out


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Classe Due – Stuffed Pasta Making

Date: Saturday, June 22, 2019, 6pm – 8pm

In this class, learn how to make two different types of stuffed pasta, ravioli and a spinach tortellini.  In Italy, ravioli are a specific type of stuffed pasta best known from the western region of Italy.   Tortellini are best know from the southern areas of Italy.  Ravioli and tortellini can be made many different ways and with many different types of filling.

Eat and Enjoy! Go home with recipes, dough to take home, and the stuffed pasta they make in class.

Class is sold out

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Classe Tre – Sicilian Cuisine, Garden dinner

Date: Saturday, July 20, 2019, 6pm – 8pm

In this class, you will bring your assigned homework, a home cooked Italian dish! In this class we will  learn about different types of Sicilian cuisine and its history as we walk through the Heartland Farm gardens to talk about “cooking the farm”. We will gather herbs and make hor d’oeuvres for our very own Italian feast that will immediately follow in the outdoor Garden Pavillion. 

We can talk Italian, celebrate the Italian cooking series and that a wonderful Italian themed summer evening. Bring your own dish, wine welcome.

Cost: $35 

Registration Deadline: July 13, 2019

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Composting 101

Class Time:

Saturday, August 24, 2019, 8am – 10am

Workshop Details:

Come learn the whys and hows of composting. We will spend the morning with practical demonstrations as well as discussion of the biological process/science behind composting.

There will be an emphasis on how to compost at home with demonstrations of different kinds of bins and kitchen collection processes.


Cost: $8

Registration Deadline: August 1, 2019

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Composting 101 Workshop Flyer

Natural Beauty Products Making

Class Date:

Saturday, November 16, 1pm – 3pm

Class Summary:

Make your own all natural beauty products and learn some science too. Making your own cosmetics is a great way to ensure the ingredients are pure and natural, and to minimize wasteful, non-recyclable packaging. These classes empower you to make some simple cosmetics using ingredients that are readily available in grocery stores or drug stores.

Take one of the classes or both! Either way you’ll be able to make your own cosmetics using simple ingredients found in your local drug and grocery store.


Cost: $25

Registration Deadline:  November 1st 

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