Eco Spirituality

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Eco Spirituality

Grounded in an ecological spirituality, we at Heartland Farm seek to care for Earth, welcome guests and make decisions which reflect an on-going awareness of both our responsibility and our joy in living in harmony with all that is. We study, pray, live in community and work within a framework that strives to honor the sacred dimension of creation.

We embrace the belief that our Catholic Christian faith leads us to revere the created universe as both a revelation and an intimate expression of the Divine. All creatures are a sacred expression of Love. Pope Francis’ encyclical, “Laudato Si’ on Care for Our Common Home,” eloquently describes this reality and the response we humans need to make in what he terms “integral ecology.” This approach sees the human and nature as interdependent beings mutually supporting and entwined rather than at odds with each other.


“Oneness with Earth Heals.”

Watch our Heartland Farm slideshow and truly feel the essence of the farm.