Organic Gardening and Farming

Since the beginning of Heartland Farm, the land has been managed organically. The Farm’s gardens have been tomatos for webcentral to our sustainable living. The gardens provide wholesome food for ourselves and our guests as well as produce that is offered at our local farmers’ markets. With the addition of expanded garden facilities – a high tunnel – we hope to increase our production and our ability to impact our local food systems. As a regular part of our tours and programming we offer visitors and volunteers hands-on opportunities to learn about organic gardening.

While organic agriculture is sometimes defined by what is not used – chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides – it is much more than that.  Agriculture always relies on soil – and all the intricate life systems within it – for its foundational health and productivity. By building soils with compost, growing cover crops and incorporating other complementary techniques, organic agriculture develops and retains the soil’s sustainable capacity. In so doing the crops produced promote the vitality and health of those who consume them and continue to benefit the land and all the interconnected ecosystems within which they flourish.